Impact Wrestling (12/13) Sees Rise In Viewership

Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling sees a rise in viewership by 20% as the episode drew in 144,000 viewers. Last week’s episode that aired on 6 December had 116,000 tuning in.

The ratings of this week’s episode were the highest since 25 October, when Impact shifted to the late night time-slot on POP TV.

The episode got a rating of 0.05 in the 18-49 year-old demographic. Last week’s episode’s ratings averaged in at 0.04.

The show is again experiencing a rise in viewership and ratings which is a good news as the road has been kind of topsy-turvy lately. Last week’s episode only managed to pull in 116,000 viewers, whereas just a month ago the 15 November episode was the worst rated  with a rating of 0.01 and 101,000 viewers.

The episode also ranked in at 145 on the Cable Top 150 list this week. Last week’s episode barely made it on the list at no. 150.

Here are the viewership stats for the last four episodes:

  • 13 December: 140,000
  • 6 December: 116,000
  • 29 November: 122,000
  • 22 November: 124,000

You can check out the results and the takeaways from the episode by clicking here.

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