Impact Wrestling (5/10/18): Sami Callihan’s Fate Decided

Impact Wrestling last night featured an episode-long plot regarding management deciding the future of Sami Callihan. Josh Matthews was solo on commentary as Don Callis was involved in the meeting.

Impact Wrestling (5/10/18)

Update on Sami Callihan and Impact Wrestling

  • The show opened with footage of Sami Callihan’s attack on Don Callis from a recent Destiny Wrestling event in Toronto.
  • Callihan attacked Callis out of revenge for Callis stopping his match with Eddie Edwards at WrestleCon. Callis was left bloodied by Callihan and required help to the back.
  • Josh Matthews let the viewing audience know that Impact Wrestling management was meeting to discuss Callihan’s future and there would be an announcement by the end of the show.

1. DJZ & Andrew Everett defeated LAX

  • After losing their tag titles and the subsequent rematch, LAX fell further down the tag ranks with the loss here.
  • LAX looked in control and was going to give the 5150 to DJZ but the X-Division star rolled up Ortiz and got the pin while Everett tossed Santana out of the ring.
  • It was later revealed that DJZ and Andrew Everett will challenge Eli Drake and Scott Steiner for the tag titles next week.

2. Grado (w/ Katarina) defeated Rohit Raju

  • In a backstage segment before the match, Grado introduced Joseph Park to his new girlfriend Katarina.
  • Katarina is actually Katarina Waters who has also wrestled under the names Katie Lea Burchill and Winter. She is a former 2x Knockouts Champion.
  • Grado pinned Raju after a cannonball in the corner.
  • After the match, Grado discovered Joseph Park knocked out with an “X” over his body. 2 other people have been attacked in similar fashion in recent weeks.

3. El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated Aerostar, Drago, and Taiji Ishimori (Fatal 4-Way)

  • Aerostar looks like he might have been injured during this match as he landed awkwardly on the outside after a plancha. He finished the match, however, and reports are he was banged up and sore but not injured after.
  • Fantasma hit a modified cradle-piledriver (Thrill of the Kill) on Aerostar for the win.
  • Josh Matthews stated Fantasma has now earned the next X-Division title shot against Matt Sydal.

Impact Management Decision on Sami Callihan

Eddie Edwards interrupted Impact management’s meeting regarding Samm Callihan to insist the promotion doesn’t fire the controversial wrestler. Edwards, who received a broken orbital bone from Callihan at the company’s January television tapings, insisted he gets a chance to enact revenge on Callihan instead.

Impact management ruled they would not fire Callihan but would not allow Edwards to get his revenge on him inside an Impact ring. Rather, House of Hardcore will host a street fight between Edwards and Callihan which will air next week on Impact Wrestling.

4. Moose defeated Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs via DQ (House of Hardcore)

  • This match was filmed at a House of Hardcore event.
  • Moose was about to get the win but Jacobs entered the ring and hit him with a chair for the DQ.

Freaked Out Allie Develops Facial Tick

  • Allie watched her demon friend, Rosemary, locked in a coffin last week by Su Yung and her army of undead bridesmaids.
  • This week a clip aired of Allie in her home. She received a knock at the door but when she answered it there was a charred-up stuffed bunny holding a note. Allie read the note and developed a freaky little facial tick.
  • The note may have been an invite to Rosemary’s funeral, which Su Yung will be hosting on Impact next week.

5. Brian Cage defeated Takashi Sugiura (Pro Wrestling NOAH)

  • This match was filmed in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH.
  • Cage, who is undefeated in Impact Wrestling, won with the Drill Claw.

6. Impact Wrestling World Championship
Pentagon Jr. (c) defeated Eli Drake

  • Drake earned the title shot by winning a Feast of Fired briefcase vs briefcase match against Moose.
  • Before the match, Drake told Scott Steiner backstage to stay in the back as he didn’t want his help defeating Pentagon.
  • Pentagon was able to retain his title after Drake Mr. springboard moon salt in the champion hit him with a cradle piledriver for the win.