9 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 8/2

Impact Wrestling’s second episode since Slammiversary aired last night. It was the 2nd episode of the 12 which will air before Bound for Glory on October 14th, 2018.

Impact has two more shows from the recent Toronto tapings before they film 4 more episodes from Rebel Nightclub on August 12th and 13th.

Here are 9 Takeaways From Impact Wrestling 8/2

9Allie Pinned the Knockouts Champion & Tessa Blanchard Was Not Happy About It

Last week on Impact Wrestling, Allie said she was going after Su Yung to make sure she never locked anyone in a coffin again. Kiera Hogan volunteered to help her in this task as well.

This week Allie and Hogan teamed up to take on Yung and an Undead Bridesmaid in tag action. Yung gave the Panic Switch to Hogan but the momentum knocked the Girl on Fire out of the ring. Allie then hit a codebreaker on Yung and pinned her for the win.

A win over the champion often puts the wrestler in a position to challenge for the title but Allie lost a match at Slammiversary to Tessa Blanchard. Perhaps this was what Blanchard was thinking about when she attacked Allie after the match.

Blanchard cut a backstage promo afterward stating that Allie was trying to weasel her way into a title shot by taking on Yung under the premise of wanting to protect others from the Undead Bride’s actions.

8Ortiz Was Going To Hit Homicide With An Ax!

After King’s OGZ won a squash match against two local competitors, they cut a promo running down LAX, believing Konnan and company were still on the shelf. Santana, Ortiz, and Konnan rushed the ring, however, and took out the OGZ.

Things took a bit of a turn when Ortiz brought out an ax and looked to strike Homicide with it. This brought out additional security and Konnan separated his boys from the fight. Konnan told them in the back that timing is everything and when the timing is right the OGZ will “kiss the ring.”

Ortiz and Santana were this week’s guests on the Impact media call. We asked them what it’s like to go from watching LAX as teenagers 11 years ago to being LAX now in Impact.

“LAX has been something we’ve watched since when we were kids,” Santana said. “The fact that two Latinos out there not like playing a gimmick but being them and being proud of who they are and what they represent.”

7KM & Fallah Ball Aren’t On The Same Page (The Desi Hit Squad Are)

Impact was telling two stories this week when the Desi Hit Squad defeated the team of KM and Fallah Bah.

The first story was how the Great Gama Singh is guiding Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh to being an old-school heel-style tag-team. They win their matches either through clever tag-team work or dirty under-handed tactics.

The second story is the team of KM and Fallah Bah not being on the same page. KM had been trying to teach Fallah when to distract the referee but evidently, Bah’s not the greatest student. Fallah tried to enter the ring when KM was in control of the match. KM tried to tell him “this isn’t when you distract the ref!” but the distraction allowed the Desi Hit Squad to hit a combination knee to the face and a flatliner for the win.

6Johnny Impact Is Looking For Kongo Kong

“You know, for a big guy, Kongo Kong is a pretty hard guy to find these days,” Impact said to Alicia Atout.

Jimmy Jacobs interrupted his interview and looked to begin a promo when Johnny just wound up and punched him in the mouth. He let Jacobs know he wants Kongo Kong and he doesn’t appear to be playing around on this one.

5Eddie Edwards Will Challenge Austin Aries For the Impact World Championship Next Week

Austin Aries defeated Dustin Cameron this week via corner stoppage. The champion had the challenger beaten but opted not to pin him in favor of giving him another brainbuster. That’s when Anthony Carelli threw in the towel to prevent his Battle Arts Academy student from taking any more punishment.

After the match Carelli kicked Aries in the groin, causing the champion to stumble back on the entrance ramp. That’s where he was greeted by Eddie Edwards and a Singapore cane. Edwards hit him with the cane but Aries was able to escape before receiving more punishment.

Josh Matthews then announced Edwards will face Aries next week for the Impact World Championship.

4Scarlett Bordeaux Really Had An Impact on Bobo

Alicia Atout was not assigned to interview Scarlett Bordeaux this week. Atout was likely not impressed at how she was treated by Bordeaux last week.

Instead of Atout, a guy named Bob was given the task of interviewing Bordeaux. He was left a little tongue-tied by Bordeaux’s antics. After dismissing who Josh Matthews thought was a horribly aged Jeremy Borash, Bordeaux reminded us she plans to bring sexy back to wrestling.

Don Callis addressed the character earlier this week on his Killin the Town podcast.

“I think that people will be pleasantly surprised as we move forward,” Callis said. “She’s actually a very good wrestler and I think it got people talking in a good way.”

3Eli Drake and Trevor Lee defeated Grado and Joe Hendry

Drake pinned Grado after giving him the Gravy Train this week. Grado was distracted by the actions of Joe Hendry and Katarina on the outside. Katarina was getting into an argument with Caleb Konley and Hendry was restraining her.

There was more speculation from Callis and Matthews at commentary that Hendry and Katarina have something going on behind Grado’s back.

2Matt Sydal Accepts Losing the X-Division Championship

“The X-Division championship chose him,” Sydal said. “Who am I to question what that belt has done with itself? Because its history speaks for itself. I’m really proud of all the time I put in as X-Division Champion.”

He would continue to say his loss to Brian Cage taught him something. He said he still has much to learn and still needs to go deeper into his consciousness and “question everything”. The X-Division title was once his destiny but not anymore.

1The Lucha Bros Took Out oVe

In an exciting main event, Pentagon Jr and Fenix fended off outside interference from Sami Callihan and repeated unmasking attempts in order to get the victory over oVe this week.

Sami Callihan has responded to having his head shaved by descending further into madness. His minions from Ohio losing to Pentagon and Fenix isn’t going to help that situation at all.

Callihan’s attempt at revenge was thwarted this week but he likely isn’t finished with Pentagon or Fenix.

Impact 8/2 Quick Results:

  1. Allie & Kiera Hogan defeated Su Yung & An Undead Bridesmaid
  2. The OGZ (Homicide & Hernandez) defeated 2 Local Competitors
  3. The Desi Hit Squad defeated KM & Fallah Bah
  4. Impact World Championship
    Austin Aries (c) defeated Dustin Cameron via corner stoppage
  5. Eli Drake & Trevor Lee defeated Grado & Joe Hendry
  6. The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) defeated oVe (Jake & Dave Crist)

Matches scheduled for next week:

  1. Impact World Championship
    Austin Aries (c) vs Eddie Edwards
  2. Tessa Blanchard vs Alisha Edwards
  3. Desi Hit Squad vs Petey Williams & Taiji Ishimori
  4. Pentagon Jr vs Matt Sydal