Information On Kofi Kingston’s Push Heading Into Elimination Chamber

The performance that Kofi Kingston put on this past Tuesday was exceptional. However, the story he told wasn't originally intended for him.

Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston

The performance that Kofi Kingston put on during this week’s SmackDown Live is still being talked about amongst his fans and peers. Kofi was revealed to be the New Day’s representative, replacing an injured Mustafa Ali. He has suddenly found himself with major momentum heading into this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber matchup.

However, it appears that Kofi’s booking during SmackDown’s Gauntlet match was also meant for Ali.

Reported by @WrestleVotes, it seems that the story that unfolded Tuesday night was originally intended for Mustafa Ali. WWE appears to have simply inserted Kofi Kingston into a storyline slated for the former 205 Live Superstar.

With Ali suffering from an injured tailbone and a concussion, as well as a black eye at the hands of Randy Orton, the Superstar has been the recipient of some heavy damage since moving up to SmackDown.

It’s been rumored that WWE will lean into the injury angle for when Ali is medically cleared. Given the black eye, this could lead into a natural feud against Randy Orton upon his comeback. There is always the possibility that WWE elects Erick Rowan instead, given how he slammed Ali’s head into the SmackDown announce table.

What do you make of this? Will Ali be majorly set back now because of it? Is it ‘fair’ that Kofi has stepped into a push designed for Mustafa Ali?