Information On Vince McMahon Changing WWE TV Show Formatting

Vince McMahon has made some recent changes to how WWE TV shows will be planned and broadcast.

Vince McMahon

WWE is making some changes to how their shows will be broadcast, thanks to a recent decision by Vince McMahon.

The company will no longer be showcasing matches during RAW or SmackDown advert breaks. A match can, apparently, continue throughout the commercial break, but no wrestling will actually occur.

It is reported that this has been done in order to align their product with legitimate sports events, as those don’t continue showcasing their shows during breaks in the way WWE has been doing.

Additionally, it’s been reported that all televised matches will be timed to end within the same allotted segment.

PWInsider has noted that the specific exception to this new formatting is for 2 out of 3 Falls matchups. The mindset is to allow each fall to occur within each concurrent segment. The promotion is allegedly also interested in trialling matches with multiple rounds, though there is no confirmation on whether they will pursue this at this point in time.

This new formatting decision went into effect last Monday. It’s speculated that pressure to change the current formatting came from Fox network officials. Fox is apparently driving for WWE to become more sports-oriented when they debut for the network on October 4th.