Information Regarding Drake Maverick At Survivor Series

One week ago at Survivor Series, AOP picked up a victory for Raw by defeating SmackDown tag team champions, Sheamus and Cesaro. However, their victory that night might not be what most people remember from their matchup.

During the match, AOP manager — and 205 Live General Manager — Drake Maverick, suffered a rather unfortunate mishap on live TV. Having been chased by Cesaro, he was subsequently knocked down by the Big Show. Maverick was then hoisted onto the ring apron where he would proceed to urinate himself out of fear.

As noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the contraption that Maverick used to produce fake urine didn’t work as expected.

During the sequence, you can see Maverick adjusting the device in an attempt to remedy the problem. Supposedly it wasn’t enough to fix the issue so Maverick, being the consummate professional he is, purposely urinated himself in order to make sure the angle went off as planned.

Drake Maverick has a positive reputation backstage as a great team player, so his commitment to his role at that moment may have some credence to it.

What did you make of this angle? Does Drake Maverick deserve recognition for ensuring it went off as planned?