Mark Haskins Interview: Signing With ROH, Wanting To Face Okada At MSG (Exclusive)

Mark Haskins
Mark Haskins

We recently spoke to new Ring of Honor star Mark Haskins. The former PROGRESS World Champion recently signed to the company and is looking to start 2019 in a big way. The UK star has been a huge part of the revival in the UK/European scene and earlier this year appeared at PROGRESS ‘Hello Wembley’ against Matt Riddle.

This was the second time that we’ve managed to speak to Mark, we would like to thank him again for his time. Here’s the full interview:


SEScoops: You’ve now officially signed with Ring of Honor. This isn’t the first time that you’ve performed for the company but now you’re under contract. Had this been in the pipeline since your successful performances at the International Cup?

Mark Haskins: Yeah pretty much. After the match with Jay Lethal at York Hall they asked if I’d be interested in working together more and I jumped at the opportunity.

Potential Opponents?

SEScoops: I’m sure there’s many stars in ROH that you have your sights set on, are there any names that you’re gunning for from the get go?

Mark Haskins: Flip Gordon is great, I love being in the ring with him. Jay Lethal is another awesome performer who’s always a joy to be in there with. ROH have a lot of great talent and I’d love to mix things up with some fresh matches in 2019. I’m ready for new matches and different dynamics, I’m rolling in to ROH the best I can be and ready to go.

SEScoops: ROH and New Japan have such a close working relationship. You were previously in Dragon Gate but would you like to return to Japan to represent ROH in NJPW?

Mark Haskins: Sure.


SEScoops: With New Japan in mind…there’s a big Madison Square Garden event coming up next year. If you could face anyone in NJPW in that famous arena next year who would you pick?

Mark Haskins: Okada. There was a point in time where we were both signed to TNA and we’d be at tapings where they had nothing for us. We’d just hang out backstage with the Machine Guns and have nothing to do. It would be cool to show everyone the opportunities they missed out on. I’m so happy to see him go on to become the mega star he is and show everyone what they wasted by not utilising him.

SEScoops: Vicky Haskins has been such an intrinsic part of your character and presentation over the past few years, will she be joining you in ROH?

Mark Haskins: Oh come on guys, as if I’m going to give away any spoilers. You gotta watch the show see how things unfold and find out for yourselves.

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