Investigation Into Brian Christopher’s Death Concludes

It looks like the investigation into Brian Christopher's mysterious death has concluded after months of analysis.

Death of Brian Christopher
Death of Brian Christopher

This past summer, former WWE star and son of Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler, Brian Christopher, passed away at 46-years-old. Christopher had been jailed for a DUI in July. While in jail, Christopher allegedly committed suicide when he decided to hang himself in his cell.

He was transported to a nearby hospital in Memphis. After several hours of treatment, and family members getting the opportunity to say their final goodbyes, Christopher was taken off life support and later passed. However, some doubts soon emerged over the official story regarding Christopher’s death, prompting an investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

According to a report from PWInsider, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has wrapped up its investigation. Representative Keli McAlister released the following statement:

“Our investigation has concluded and all findings have been turned over to District Attorney General Mark Davidson.  I will have to refer any questions to his office,” said McAlister.

It remains to be seen if the investigation’s findings will be made public.

Lawler Doubts Official Story

Back in August, Jerry Lawler told local Memphis media that he doesn’t believe his son took his own life:

“It just doesn’t pass the smell test,” Lawler said. “We’ve received literally countless calls, text messages from people, actual eyewitnesses, that were in the jail and saw things that happened on the actual day that Brian died that now has opened up a new can of worms. It just doesn’t seem like it was suicide.”

What do you make of the controversy surrounding Christopher’s passing