Jack Gallagher Giving “Gentleman Lessons”

The cruiserweight division seems big on teaching lessons at the moment.

Jack Gallagher recently announced that he will be providing weekly written lessons to his fans on how to be a “gentleman”. Each week, seemingly for 13 weeks, Gallagher will provide one rule of being a gentleman. He unveiled rule #13 recently:

#MannersMakethMonday I've been asked numerous times by enterprising young chaps about my advice on becoming a gentleman. So each week I'll present you with an essential rule of being a gentleman and it'll be up to your fine selves to put it into action. 13. Patience is a virtue. I was never a patient child. Whenever I wanted something I wanted it then and there and why isn't it in my hands already?! As I got older though (not old, mind) I learned the importance of allowing things to happen in their own time. Some things simply improve when you engage yourself fully with the process. It's not easy. It's surprising how difficult it can be actually. In a world where everything is available on-demand and delivered to your door, the will it takes to simply slow down might not always be there. This is not an excuse not to try though. This week, dear readers, I task you to take your time: prepare a full meal from start to finish, go fishing, listen to an album without skipping a track, meditate. Find the time to engross yourself in something. Good luck! #Extraordinary #Gentleman #JackGallagher #Etiquette #Manners #MannersMonday #Chivalry #Courtesy #Politeness #Patience #Time

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“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

Gallagher has become one of the bright spots for WWE’s revamped cruiserweight division. While 205 Live has produced some entertaining shows as of late, viewership of the program is said to be low on the WWE Network.

On Raw last night, Gallagher dropped a match to former CW champion TJ Perkins. The now-heel Perkins capitalized on Gallagher’s distraction with Neville and Aries at ringside to score the win.

TJ Perkins vs. Austin Aries has been announced for tonight’s 205 Live.