Jack Swagger Claims He’d Own Brock Lesnar In Amateur Wrestling

Jake Hager Jack Swagger

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger was recently interviewed on Submission Radio.

Swagger signed a deal with Bellator MMA last year and will compete in their heavyweight division. Bellator’s new signee is actually a decorated amateur wrestler. He wrestled for the University Of Oklahoma and was named an All-American.

His background is similar to that of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is also a decorated NCAA Division I heavyweight amateur wrestler. He subsequently signed with WWE before going on to win a UFC title.

Jack Swagger vs. Brock Lesnar In Amateur Wrestling

Swagger was asked if he and “The Beast” ever challenged one another on the mat. Swagger suggested he’d pretty much own Brock Lesnar in amateur wrestling:

“By compare wrestling techniques you mean that I can take Brock Lesnar down at will? Yes, then we compared wrestling techniques.

“I could close my eyes and tie one hand behind my back and I could bounce Brock Lesnar’s forehead off the mat if he ever, ever tried to wrestle with me (laughs).”

He was then asked if he ever needed to use his amateur wrestling in the ring when a WWE star got out of control. Swagger then shared an interesting story about himself, Cesaro and Brodus Clay:

“Oh yeah, absolutely. Sometimes the amateur wrestling doesn’t send the right message. Like, if you squeeze someone down and put the clamps on and they’re still like squirming a little bit, sometimes you just gotta use the old right hand to get them to calm down.

“You can ask Cesaro about this. I’m friends with Brodus Clay, but we were tagging with him on Raw one day and he just wasn’t getting the message.

“And like, Cesaro was hitting him pretty hard and tagged me in, and I started hitting him hard and he still wasn’t getting the message. So me and Tony just kind of looked at each other, and I mean, I hit him with everything I had and I’m pretty sure he went down (laughs).”

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