Jack Swagger On A Possible 5th Season Of Lucha Underground

Jack Swagger is the current World Champion of Lucha Underground but as it turns out, even he has no idea about a possible 5th season of the show.

Swagger was recently interviewed by WrestlingInc, where he talked about his friendship with R Truth, Truth performing before his MMA debut and more.

While talking about Lucha Underground, Swagger recalled being optimistic about a 5th season last year but claimed that sitting around and waiting for it isn’t very cool:

“In 2018 I was very optimistic about it, but I haven’t heard anything since we wrapped in April, It’s very cool when it comes around, but sitting around and waiting for it isn’t very cool especially when it’s just crickets and no one knows. I’m still the current Lucha Underground Heavyweight Champion so the line starts here. It’s a great place to work but I’m tired sitting around waiting on them.”

The former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger made his Lucha Underground debut as a heel on June 20th, 2018 under the moniker “The Savage” Jake Strong.

He went on to win several big matches and after winning the Gift Of Gods Championship, Swagger cashed it in against Pentagon Jr. for a shot at Lucha Underground Championship. He then defeated Pentagon and is the current LU Champion.