Jack Swagger Reacts to Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title Win

As we previously noted, former WWE Superstar and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger was a guest on the Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast to talk about his time with the company and his recent release. During the interview, Swagger also commented on his longtime friend Jinder Mahal’s recent main event push and WWE Title win. Here are the highlights:

Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title Win:

“Jinder is an amazing performer. He is a very tall guy, great look and he is a business person. So I could definitely see him achieving this for sure and he has all tools. I was just as surprised as anyone though which is one of the good things about pro wrestling that you literally never know what is going to happen. I can definitely understand and I think I know why they did it. Jinder is amazing but India is also a very big market so it is like two birds with one stone.”

If he was surprised Mahal moved up the ladder so fast:

“No, I’m not. Maybe I’m jaded but I really don’t get surprised by much these days when it comes to WWE or professional wrestling because that is the beauty of it. Overnight you can become someone so the trick is to stay consistent, stay performing well and stay ready because it could happen at any second.”

His stance on the Randy Orton “dive” debate:

“Randy and I were always good friends. Some people don’t like Randy but I personally love him. I’ll take a guy that tells me how he feels 100% than someone who is going to sugarcoat it. What people don’t get about Randy (which I can understand) is that Randy is his father’s son. He understands this business more than a lot of people think he does. He looks at a lot more through his father’s eyes in the way he does things and thinks about things. He is definitely an old soul but he grew up in this business so he has that perspective and he doesn’t want 99 super-kicks in a match, which I get but at the same time you have to do what the market dictates. Social media is a fun thing where you can say how you really feel and it is going to cause a stir about somethings and point a light on things and we all have a voice and that is what it is for. He just has a special touch for getting on people’s skin and I’m sorry but it is hilarious.”

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