Jake Crist Wins X-Division Championship

Jake Crist won the X-Division title last night on Impact.

Jake Crist wins X-division title

OVE’s Jake Crist is the new X-Division champion. He defeated Rich Swann in Windsor for the title in a match which aired on Impact Wrestling last night. Swann’s title reign ends at 194 days and 11 title defences.

Madman Fulton interfered in the match, leading to Crist’s victory. Swann was on the top rope when Fulton pushed him off and into a cutter from Crist. Following the cutter, Crist hit the Buckeye Drop and got the pin to win the title.

The title change was filmed July 19th inside Windsor’s sold-out St. Clair College. Impact filmed 4 episodes of their weekly series last weekend.

Jake Crist – New X-Division Champion

Crist is the 42nd pro-wrestler to win the X-Division title. He begins the 89th reign in the title’s lineage. This is his second major title in the promotion, having previoulsy won the tag titles along with his brother Dave Crist.

Rich Swann’s 194-Day X-Division Championship Reign

Swann’s title reign was the 3rd longest single reign in X-Division history. The top 5 are listed below:

  • Austin Aries – 301 days – 2011-2012
  • Tigre Uno – 199 days – 2015-2016
  • Rich Swann – 194 days – 2019
  • Matt Sydal – 191 days – 2018
  • Christopher Daniels – 184 days – 2005

Swann’s 194 days also ranks him at 15th in terms of total days spent as champion. Chris Sabin’s 8 title reigns and 432 days spent as champion lead that category.