Jake Roberts Drops Charges Against Harry Smith Jr. After Telephone Call

Sometimes it takes a Hitman to settle a score.

WWE Hall Of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart reportedly set up a telephone call between Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Harry Smith Jr., son of the late WWE legend “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith to settle the issues between the two.

As noted, Roberts and Smith Jr. were reportedly involved in an incident at the WrestleCon event that took place during WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans earlier this month.

According to multiple sources, Smith Jr. walked up to a table where Roberts was signing autographs and without being provoked, threw a cup of scolding hot coffee in Roberts’ face. This reportedly led to security quickly coming in and breaking things up before they escalated.

Following the incident, Roberts filed charges against Smith Jr., which he apparently dropped after the aforementioned phone call set up by Bret Hart.

Harry Smith Jr. Writes About Phone Conversation

“I’d like to announce publicly and officially that I spoke with Jake Roberts on the phone today and we squashed heat we have for what happened at the WrestleCon event,” wrote Smith Jr. about squashing his beef with Roberts. “I apologized and said I would apologize publicly as Jake agreed he would be dropping any charges pressed against me.

“I’m a man of my word and I’d like to say sorry to any fans that I stressed with this situation also,” Smith Jr. added. “I wish Jake all the best and glad that we squashed the heat. I actually had spoken to Roddy Piper before he passed away about the podcast Jake and he did. I’m certainly glad we worked things out, as Roddy died [not] long after.”

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