Jake Roberts Talks Steroids & Wrestling With Macaulay Culkin

Jake Roberts spoke with Bunny Ears about taking steroids during his in-ring career.

Jake “the Snake” Roberts was a guest recently on the Bunny Ears podcast with Macauley Culkin. Roberts was, as per usual, open and honest during his appearance on the show. The two talked about steroids, snakes, and pro-wrestling.

“I did a few steroids. I did a little juice basically to recover,” Jake said on the show. “When I had the neck surgery they told me I’d never wrestle again. I’m like ‘it’s a chemical world doc you haven’t got a clue'”

The neck surgery he is referring to took place after the famous angle where the Honky Tonk Man hit him with his guitar on an episode of the Snake Pit.

Jake Roberts Talks Steroids and DDP Yoga

“I went straight to Amsterdam and hooked up,” he continued.

“Within two months, I’d gained 25lbs.”

The WWE Hall of Famer also spoke about how helpful DDP’s Yoga program has been for him in recent years.

“I believe in it,” Jake said of DDP Yoga. “It helps me a lot, it really does. Not just physically but mentally.”

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