James Ellsworth Cancels Booking On Same Day As MITB

James Ellsworth
James Ellsworth

Earlier this month, James Ellsworth denied reports he was possibly due to return to WWE. According to Ellsworth, he had a booking in China that day which confirmed he would not be at Money in the Bank.

There are now reports that Ellsworth has cancelled his booking in China for this weekend.

“James Ellsworth was scheduled to appear this weekend (June 16/17, 2018) in Harbin, China as part of Middle Kingdom Wresting presents Eyes on the Prize and an MKW Meet N Greet party. This booking has been in place since February.

James Ellsworth informed us last night that he will not be travelling to China. This news came after repeated attempts by MKW management to contact Ellsworth over the last six days to confirm travel arrangements.”

Will James Ellsworth Be At Money in the Bank?

After speculation was running that Ellsworth would be at the event in Chicago this weekend, Ellsworth denied the claim. He played a major role in the event last year, however, helping Carmella win the first-ever female Money in the Bank match.

Ellsworth was officially released from his WWE contract in November of last year. He had been with the company full-time for 14 months at that point. Before then, he had been used as enhancement talent in the summer of 2016 shortly after the brand extension.

Ellsworth is said to have been popular and well-liked backstage. His Inter-gender championship act on the independent circuit has also received positive reviews.