James Ellsworth & Chelsea Green Callout Promotion For Non-Payment

James Ellsworth and Chelsea Green (FKA Laurel Van Ness) are calling out “Blackcat Events” for non-payment. The company booked several talents for Meet and Greets over WrestleMania weekend but at least two of them are now claiming the company never paid up.

The promotion Tweeted out the following a couple of weeks ago which only recently caught the eye of one of the performers who is claiming the company never paid them.

Green’s real-life boyfriend, Zack Ryder, also commented on the situation.

James Ellsworth also chimed in to mention he has not been paid and his phone calls are not being returned:

This then set the operator of the Black Cat Events Twitter account off. They posted several Tweets claiming Zack Ryder committed libel against him.

Green retorted that they have proof to back-up the claims made by Ryder, which would negate any possible suit for libel.

Black Cat Events Versus Wrestling Community

According to Black Cat Events in the above Tweets, the company attempted to run an event over WrestleMania weekend. Evidently, the event did not go ahead as planned.

In a later Tweet, Green revealed that Rikishi was another talent which did not get paid by the promotion:

If Black Cats is claiming the event never went forward, talent is still owed their deposit unless specifically mentioned in the contract. In this case, however, it looks as though Green did not get her deposit ahead of time. She posted an exchange she had with the promoter online:

The Black Cats page then made some very derogatory comments about Green. One comment, which has since been deleted, was captured via screenshot by a quick-thinking Chelsea Green fan:

Chelsea Green finished up with Impact Wrestling at the promotion’s January tapings in Orlando.Lately, Green has been wrestling for Shimmer and Wrestle Circus.