Nia Jax Reportedly Has Heat Backstage After Injuring Becky Lynch

This has been a huge week for professional wrestling, as we approach Survivor Series from Los Angeles this weekend. The week started off with a tremendous women’s locker room brawl to hype this weekend’s pay-per-view (PPV) on Monday Night RAW. Unfortunately, that braw resulted in the injury of Becky Lynch, who is now off the Survivor Series card, canceling the event’s most highly-anticipated match.

The SmackDown Live Women’s Champion kicked off the segment by attacking RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey backstage. She then came to the ring to lead an attack on the RAW Women’s locker room, alongside her fellow SmackDown Live stars. However, during the brawl, Nia Jax hit Lynch with a hard shot that broke ner nose. Lynch continued on with the segment despite bleeding all over herself.

It was soon determined that the injury was significant enough to pull Lynch from her match with Rousey on Sunday. Now, Rousey will face Charlotte Flair, who was hand-selected by Lynch as her replacement, instead. With one of the most anticipated matches of the year being called off due to injury, Jax has apparently taken some heat backstage for the incident.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, who initially broke the story of Lynch’s injury, has provided some insight. Initially, there wasn’t any heat towards Jacks for busting Lynch open. However, after the severity of the injury was determined, that quickly changed:

What do you think about Jax reportedly having heat backstage for injuring Lynch?