Jay Lethal Defeats Cody At Final Battle, Retains ROH Championship

Jay Lethal ROH
Jay Lethal ROH

Cody will not be taking the ROH World Championship into free agency. He was defeated tonight by Jay Lethal at Final Battle 2018.

Lethal needed to kick out of the Cross Rhodes twice to retain his championship. There was also a strange moment in the match when Cody had Lethal in a figure-four leglock. Hangman Page ran to ringside and rang the bell. He then handed the ROH title belt to Cody and ran away. The ref immediately waved it off, however, as Lethal had not submitted.

The finish of the match came when Lethal gave Cody a series of super-kicks and followed it up with a Lethal Injection. Rather than go for the pin, however, he attempted his finish a second time, which Cody countered. Lethal then grabbed Cody’s leg and locked in his own figure-four leglock and Cody tapped.

After the match, Marty Scurll came to the ring to remind Lethal he is owed a title match as a result of winning Survival of the Fittest in November. Nick Aldis also made an appearance, applauding Lethal from the stage.

Jay Lethal 57 Days Away From Making History

In 57 days, Jay Lethal will pass Samoa Joe’s record for total days spent as champion with 645. Lethal has spread out his days as champion amongst two title reigns. Samoa Joe had one 645 day reign with the belt.