Jay White Discusses Being Named Leader Of Bullet Club

It wasn’t that long ago that Jay White was officially recognized as the new leader of Bullet Club. This revelation led to a mix of emotions from fans of NJPW and Bullet Club, given how relatively new he was to the Club itself.

Other people’s feelings on the matter didn’t faze Bullet Club itself, however, as Tama Tonga took to Twitter to proclaim White’s leadership to the world. That, in itself, acted as a seal of approval from the newly supposed ‘Good Guy.’

Speaking recently with Digital Spy, Jay White spoke about being elected Bullet Club leader. He also discussed training at the NJPW dojo, and about wrestling fans who might be looking for alternatives to WWE.

“I don’t know if people thought it was going to be awkward,” White admitted. “I’ve known those guys for years. I’ve got more claim to being one of the Bullet Club OGs than others may think because I was brought in by guys like Prince Devitt and Bad Luck Fale and I was there as a ‘young boy’ and I knew those guys.”

“A Lot Of Fans Complain, But They Never Try To Watch Anything Else”

Speaking of training at the NJPW dojo, White admitted that he was somewhat of a “blend” during his time there.

“To the Japanese guys, I’m a foreigner,” he explained. “To some of the new foreign guys, I’m almost like a Japanese person in terms of knowing their culture and their ways and how things are backstage. It depends who you compare me to, I’m like a blend of the two, I’m in between.”

He then claimed that New Japan’s product was “[…] more of a sport than a TV show. You see so many fans getting tired of the same WWE stuff. A lot of fans complain and complain, but they never try to watch anything else at all. The things that they’re often complaining about New Japan has and offers. So all those things you’re able to find with New Japan.”