Jay White Explains Difference Between Bullet Club & CHAOS

Jay White
Jay White

New Japan Pro Wrestling recently interviewed Jay White for the upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 13 event where he was in character, obviously, and looked back on his 2018 and explained the difference between being a member of the Bullet Club faction and CHAOS.

Jay was asked by the interviewer whether meeting Bad Luck Fale was the reason he joined Bullet Club. Jay said that the history between him and Fale made it easier to work together. “It made a lot easier for us to talk about and come up with what we did at King of Pro-Wrestling. You know, none of this was because of that, but it certainly made it a lot easier because we knew each other prior to coming to New Japan.”

Next, Jay was asked which group he prefers the most. According to him, Bullet Club is more comfortable as there were a lot of conflicting ideas in CHAOS:

“The way Okada thought things should be done conflicted with how I thought things should be done. In BULLET CLUB, we are all on the same page. We showed that in our matches. I don’t think we’ve lost, I have never lost to anybody especially on the last tour. 7 win in a row against Okada and Tanahashi that shows we are on the same page. There’s no conflicting idea. Before, in CHAOS things were falling apart. You had Yoshi-Hashi getting hit verbally by myself and Okada getting hit sometimes in matches, people colliding. We were on the different page. I had to go through the whole G1 CLIMAX tour in those tag matches having YOH just not listen so he kept paying the price every single time. He just needed to listen to me. BULLET CLUB doesn’t need to be told like CHAOS guys did because we are on the same page, we have the same ideas so everything happens very naturally and easily.”

Jay White’s History With Bullet Club And CHAOS

Jay White had made his return to NJPW in 2017 at the Power Struggle event and teased that he will be joining Bullet Club before betraying Kenny Omega and aligning himself with CHAOS.

After losing by the hands of Hiroshi Tanahashi at King of Pro Wrestling in October, White attacked Tanahashi with the help of Jado and Gedo. When Kazuchika Okada tried to interfere, he was also attacked in what turned out to be a set up by White and associates to deflect into the Bullet Club.

On December 22, Jay White was named the new leader of the Bullet Club faction.