Jeff Cobb Shares His Thoughts On Ring Of Honor

Jeff Cobb
(Photo: Baltimore Sun)

It didn’t take long for Jeff Cobb to establish himself as one of Ring Of Honor’s top stars. After ripping through the roster, interrupting matches and securing his place as a top prospect, Cobb would go on to decimate ‘Punishment’ Martinez at ROH’s 10/21 TV episode, picking up the TV title in an astounding 1 minute and 27 seconds.

Speaking with Jim Ross on The Jim Ross Report podcast, Cobb covered a range of subjects, including his previous and current experiences with both New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor.

Effusive with his praise, Jeff Cobb shared that he was truly enjoying his time at ROH so far and that he would be a part of their roster for the “foreseeable future.”

“My time at Ring Of Honor has been fantastic!” he exclaimed. “Every taping that I’ve done, every live show, live event, that I’ve done, every pay-per-view that I’ve made an appearance in, I’ve had a blast.”

“Like, all the dudes in the back are great, from the top to the bottom, everybody has just been awesome,” he said. “Like, the staff [has] been cool, the booker’s cool, [ROH COO] Joe Koff has been super nice to me,” he said, before adding, “[…] it [has] been a great time back there and I’ll be with Ring Of Honor for the foreseeable future.”

Having made such an immediate impact within their ranks, it probably won’t be long before we see Cobb in ROH’s main event scene.