Jeff Cobb Talks ROH Rebuilding After The Elite’s Departure, G1 Supercard

Cobb reveals he prefers wrestling as himself over the masked Matanza character in Lucha Underground

Jeff Cobb
(Photo: Baltimore Sun)

Jeff Cobb was a guest on the Wrestling Epicenter podcast earlier this week. Ring of Honor’s World Television Champion spoke about a broad range of topics, including his time in ROH, what it’s been like backstage following the departure of The Elite, who he wants to wrestle at the G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden and more. Here are some highlights sent in by host James Walsh.

Winning the ROH TV Title In His Debut

“It was great, man! I wasn’t expecting that right off the bat. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’m definitely going to do my best and try to elevate it, get my name out there, get the company’s name out there, and hopefully put some prestige back into that TV championship.”

His Time As Matanza in Lucha Underground

“I had a fun playing that character,” Cobb said. “It was something different from what I’m used to. I still get, to this day, that don’t know that’s me. It has taken a while, you know, because of the mask. But, if you follow my move set, it is pretty much the same. (laughs)”

As for why ROH has not acknowledged his past work as Matanza, Cobb understands the company’s position.

“I just think the focus should be on Ring of Honor. Unless we work with those other companies, I don’t see why we need to mention it.”

He continued, “I think throughout history, it shows that wrestlers do better when they are themselves. I just feel more comfortable being myself and being able to use my facial expressions to tell a story. It is harder under a mask. I don’t not like what I did. but, I feel like it is better as myself.”

The Loss Of The Elite Creating New Opportunities in ROH

“It is always a blow to any company when an athlete leaves. You can relate that to pretty much any sport. I’m a basketball fan. When Michael Jordan left to go play baseball, the Chicago Bulls were still good. They refilled the talent pool. I feel that is the same with Ring of Honor.”

Cobb said that ROH has dealt with countless former world champions moving on over the years, including Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and many more. ROH knows how to rebuild and that’s already being demonstrated with the new talent that’s joined the roster in recent weeks.

“Villain Enterprises, Juice Robinson, Bandito. There’s going to be voids to fill and I feel like our new signings are going to step up and take the company into the future.”

Cobb later reiterated that ROH is a great company with a great locker room. “We’re on par with all the other wrestling companies out there – Hint hint, New York!”

Who He Wants To Face At MSG For ROH/NJPW’s G1 Supercard

Cobb said The Garden is the mecca of pro wrestling and it would be tremendous honor to work there. He actually had an amateur wrestling match there back in 2003 and said he’ll probably cry on his way to the ring if he gets a chance to be part of G1 Supercard. As for who he wants to face, he said:

“It is a joint production so I don’t know if they are going to do cross-promotional matches. If they do, Okada would be a good one. If they would put their title on the line against mine and Naito is still Intercontinental Champion, I think that is the secondary belt in New Japan. Why wouldn’t the secondary belt go against the secondary belt?”

Listen to Jeff Cobb’s appearance on Wrestling Epicenter here: