Jeff Hardy Promises The “Unexpected” Ahead Of HIAC

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy (Photo: Instagram @WWE)

Matt Hardy may have recently retired, but that hasn’t stopped his brother, Jeff, from looking ahead to tonight’s Hell In A Cell match up against his opponent, “The Viper” Randy Orton. Speaking with, Jeff Hardy had this to say in anticipation of his first Hell In A Cell matchup, Jeff said he can’t wait to see what he can do in his first-ever Hell in a Cell match.

“Expect The Unexpected”

He promises that the encounter in the newly red Cell will be “memorable,” and that he intends to do “something that people won’t forget,” before stating, “I think my thoughts are too big for my size sometimes, but I’ve got a lot of good ideas of what I can do inside that structure and this Sunday is when we find what will happen.”

“It will be a very memorable Jeff Hardy match,” he declared, before adding, “Expect the unexpected.”

When thinking on the possibilities, Hardy said, “[…] when I found out I got really excited about it, like a youthful spark from a Jeff Hardy in his twenties. I never asked, but they sure are giving it to me, so we’ll see what happens.”

Daredevil Attitude

The anticipation for their caged confrontation has led Hardy to study the previous Hell In A Cell matches, with him observing that “Randy Orton has been in six or seven of them, which is crazy. He’s very familiar with the structure and I’m not, but I’ve got a lot of big ideas and I’m going to try and pull them off.”

As unforgettable as Jeff wants to make this match, let’s hope that the well-known daredevil doesn’t endanger himself in his attempts at making Hell In A Cell history.

Hell In A Cell takes place tonight and is available to stream on the WWE Network.

So who do you think is going to come away with a victory tonight? Randy Orton? Or Jeff Hardy?