Jeff Jarrett Talks About His Royal Rumble Appearance

Reflecting on his surprise appearance at the 2019 Royal Rumble, Jeff Jarrett recalls the details leading up to his return.

Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett (Photo: WWE)

Jeff Jarrett made a surprise return to WWE at their recent Royal Rumble event. Double J broke a longstanding WWE record in doing so. Bar Nia Jax, Jeff was the only surprise entrant in the 2019 Rumble match. He would enter at number 2.

In an interview with Nick Hausman the WINCLY podcast, Jarrett recalled how his return came about, stating that he, “[…] got the call and I said, ‘What’s the game plan? Where are we headed?’ They said ‘Double J.’”

Jeff Jarrett has played a few iterations of his character, so the first thing he needed to clarify was which version WWE was interested in using. As we saw at Royal Rumble, it was the old school Double J from the 90s.

After locating his tights for that night, he figured out that it had been 24 years since he had last worn and portrayed that character.

“Those are the tights that I wore at WrestleMania 11 — me vs. Razor Ramon — those were the tights, so 24 years later, I dug them up and put those same tights on.”

“There Was Some Magic Made”

According to Jeff, he only found out he would be featured in the Rumble matchup days before the event itself. He claims he “didn’t have much time to prepare,” though WWE was able to provide a few missing items, including his hat.

“[…] I kid you not, that is the original blinking hat. So 24 years later, they put a new set of Duracells in there…that is the original hat with the original tights, just my body is 20 years older.”

Reflecting on the night itself, and sharing a ring with Elias, Jarrett admitted that “there was some magic made those last two nights. I’ll definitely say that.”