Jerry Lawler Piledrives David Arquette In Andy Kaufman-Style Angle

Jerry Lawler gave David Arquette the "Andy Kaufman Treatment" recently.

Jerry Lawler David Arquette

Jerry Lawler doesn’t mind dropping guys from Hollywood on their heads. He’s done it multiple times throughout his career. He did it again last night when he gave David Arquette the “Andy Kaufman treatment.”

Jerry Lawler and David Arquette Angle

The angle took place last night from a Northeast Wrestling (NEW) show in Danbury, CT.

David Arquette has threatened to sue Lawler over what happened. This is similar to what Andy Kaufman claimed as well:

Arquette also posted side by side comparisons of his angle with Lawler and Kaufman’s:

“You’ll be hearing from my attorneys Dewey Cheatum & Howe,” Arquette continued on Twitter.

David Arquette On Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title Win

David Arquette recently commented on Kofi Kingston’s WWE title win at WrestleMania. Arquette compared Kingston’s 11-year journey to his WCW title win.

“It was amazing. We’re polar opposites of the world; Somebody who didn’t deserve it and somebody who completely earned it,” Arquette said. “I thought it was incredibly special and I’ve learned a lot since I won the championship. So, I learned why people were so mad at me, and seeing that, that’s what it’s about.” 

“I always loved The New Day gimmick and those guys. It’s cool but I think WWE still needs a lot more diversity. I love seeing all that stuff and more power to him.”