Jerry Lawler Talks Matt Hardy’s WWE Status and AEW

Randy Orton once again attacked Matt Hardy on Raw
Randy Orton once again attacked Matt Hardy on Raw

RAW Commentator Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler recently commented on RAW Superstar Matt Hardy and his contract status with WWE. Matt Hardy has been actively enticing fans on Twitter regarding his WWE status; posting images like the one you can see below indicating that he may be looking to go to AEW:

Lawler indicated that he does not believe that Hardy is going to be resigning with WWE. Referring to a recent tweet that Matt Hardy posted with a cryptic nod to AEW, ‘The King’ had this to say; “It [the tweet] started out as ‘Against Every Warning, I showed up at RAW.’ And the first three words ‘against every warning, were all capitalised. So, if you really look, if you really looked at the tweet. The first three words started with AEW.”

Lawler then reiterated that he doesn’t believe that Hardy will re-sign with WWE. “I doubt if he’s gonna sign back with with WWE. And, you know, I think he’s trying to let everybody know that he may be going to AEW but I’m…I don’t know. I don’t know for sure. There’s probably still negotiations going on between those two [Hardy and WWE].” Whilst Lawler did not confirm if he knew how the contract negotiations were developing, he did seem to indicate that Matt Hardy is unlikely to re-sign with the company in the near future.

Matt Hardy Broken

Lawler finished by saying that he does not want Matt Hardy to leave the company, stating “I can’t imagine that WWE would want to lose Matt Hardy to AEW at this point. But you know some of those guys [at WWE] are buddies with some of the guys that are that are over there [at AEW] and that’s just the way things work.”

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