Jerry Lawler: WWE Is Politically Correct To A Fault

Jerry Lawler
WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler

WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler thinks political correctness and the Women’s Evolution are the reasons he is no longer featured on WWE television. Lawler was present for the recent Starrcast convention during All In weekend and filmed a live episode of his Dinner with the King podcast for the fans who were in attendance.

During the course of the show, the topic of puppies was brought up. Of course, we’re not talking about young canines here. Longtime fans know that Lawler would use the term to describe women’s cleavage during the Attitude Era. This was back when WWE programming was much more adult-themed than today and long before the Women’s Evolution

“They’re So Politically Correct To A Fault.”

During the Attitude Era, Lawler was one of the most prominent voices on WWE television. That was a very different time and the King believes that association is why he’s no longer calling Raw or SmackDown.

“The thing with the puppies, I did not coin the phrase. I was not the first one to say the phrase on WWE TV; but, because, like you said, I am so associated with that word ‘puppies,’ most people think that way,” Lawler explained.

“That is probably the reason I’m not on TV anymore and I mean that seriously because they [WWE] went so politically correct. It’s not necessarily PG because they’re not PG. They’re further south than PG. They’re PC,” he said. “They’re so politically correct to a fault and especially like they got so right now into – starting with the Revolution – now it’s all about empowering women and that’s a big political correct thing these days and everything, so WWE jumped right on that, so it’s about empowering women.”

Lawler revealed that WWE producers actually instructed the commentators to never call the women wrestlers beautiful, good looking or sexy.

“You must treat them exactly like you would a male athlete,” Lawler recalled being instructed. “You could say that they are powerful, they’re strong, they’re athletic,’ all this stuff; but, nothing that would be considered sexist at all.”

Lawler Saying ‘Puppies’ At RAW’s 25th Anniversary

He would later reflect on sneaking the word into the RAW 25th Anniversary show, and McMahon’s immediate reaction to it:

“This is like early on the show and I said, ‘JR [Jim Ross], it’s so nice to be here tonight and we’re gonna go back in time or something and I might even say puppies tonight.’ Immediately I hear [Vince McMahon] in my earphone (grunts), ‘Let’s stay away from that tonight.’ That was the last time it was ever said on there.”

Listen to this special edition of Dinner With The King, recorded live from Starrcast:

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