Jesse Sorensen Released From TNA

Jesse Sorensen has announced on Twitter that he’s no longer with TNA Wrestling.

Sadly, Sorensen is probably best remembered for breaking his neck during a match against Zema Ion last year. He had been working for TNA’s production department while he recovered and trained for an eventual return to the ring.

Earlier this year, Sorensen  appeared on the Busted Open satellite radio show and spoke about his paralysis and recovery. Here’s what Sorensen to hosts  Dave Lagreca and Doug Mortman about TNA supporting him during this very difficult time in his life:

“Dixie has, out of everybody, probably been the most amazing. She’s totally taken care of me. When she was in the hospital with me she was just like a mom. She was there before my mom was and was just there telling me everything’s going to be ok and totally took care of me. I mean, she was there from the time I got hurt, she was holding my hand right after I got paralyzed. Dixie has been absolutely amazing. Totally taken care of me and its cool because still to this day some people are like, ‘are you going to wrestle? Are you not?’ Dixie always tells me, ‘I know you’re going to wrestle again. I know it’s going to happen.’ So she’s been very positive. So has everyone else at TNA. All the boys, they’re like, ‘I can’t wait till you come back and wrestle,’ even if we don’t know I can. It’s been really cool. Everybody’s been very supportive, which was cool because I hadn’t been in TNA that long and I was just always a shy kid so I didn’t make a whole lot of friends while I was at TNA. I had the guys I hung out with but it was cool because I got really close to a lot of people after this happened.”

… and to think, before becoming President of TNA, Dixie Carter ran a Public Relations firm! Unreal.

Here are some Twitter reactions to TNA firing Jesse Sorensen:

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