Jim Cornette Discusses The Importance Of Bruce Prichard’s WWE Return

Jim Cornette appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast this week to promote his appearance and 35th Anniversary Celebration of The Midnight Express at The Two Man Power Trip’s TMPT Con 3 this coming May in Richmond, VA.

During the interview, Cornette spoke about Bruce Prichard working as a Senior Vice President since rejoining the WWE a few weeks back. His start date was at Monday Night RAW TV event in Atlanta, GA last month.

Although he’s best known on camera as Brother Love, his work behind the scenes has earned him the great reputation that he has due to him directly working with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon as one of his top lieutenants.

According to Cornette, he thinks Prichard will be able to articulate what McMahon wants to people probably better than McMahon can.

“It was about twenty-two years ago as a matter of fact and I was there when Vince got fed up and decided that he wanted to go with the only person that wasn’t responsible for anything and that is how we got Vince Russo because he was mad. Here’s the thing; he sends out in a lot of cases (and we used to joke about it) he sends out what he wants by mental telepathy and if you don’t pick up on it it’s your fault. I’m sure that he’s been thinking, Vince McMahon didn’t not hire Bruce Prichard back because he’s the greatest booker since Bill Watts or Toots Mondt, Bruce Prichard is going to serve on the creative team because Vince McMahon knows that Bruce get it. He gets it and he can relay it to other people. What is “it”? “It” is what Vince McMahon likes and what Vince wants and I he is probably (and I can see Vince sitting there) saying that they just don’t get it, these damn people and these kids they just don’t get it.”

“I guarantee you that Bruce Prichard will be able to articulate what Vince McMahon wants to these people probably better than Vince can because Vince sometimes sends it out by mental telepathy. But Bruce has been picking up on those signals for twenty-five years. So is Bruce going to come in and immediately re-write the television program and come up with the most interesting finishes since Eddie Graham, no. Bruce is going to be able to convey to everybody else what Vince wants. I didn’t comment on the quality or the quantity. I’m just saying that Bruce gets “it” and “it” is what Vince wants.”