Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Jim Cornette On Shane McMahon: “WWE are Doing Everything That Plays To His Weaknesses”

The leader of the 'Cult of Cornette' talks WWE misusing Shane McMahon

Former NWA commentator and outspoken pro wrestling personality Jim Cornette recently discussed Shane McMahon’s position in WWE.

Cornette previously worked for the company from 1993 to 2005, having been part of the company through the Attitude Era and beyond. Jim Cornette has previously stated that he likes Shane McMahon personally, but he is not a fan of how the company are utilizing him on television currently.

Jim Cornette on Shane McMahon

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McMahon is of course the ‘host’ of RAW Underground. The concept was brought onto WWE television back at the beginning of August, and was met with a mixed if not critical reception from fans.

Shane McMahon also serves as the ‘in-ring’ MC and somewhat GM of the concept as well. Whilst McMahon is clearly a huge fan of ‘real’ combat sports? Jim Cornette believes that WWE is getting it completely wrong when it comes to his television role right now.

Reportedly, Shane McMahon wanted to buy Ultimate Fighting Championship back in 2009. Shane apparently met with UFC President Dana White back in 2009 for talks but nothing concrete ever materialized. At the time UFC was not a billion dollar business, but Zuffa LLC would sell the company in 2016 for 4 billion dollars.

Fans have suggested that RAW Underground was Shane McMahon’s way of getting his own quasi-MMA style of brand.

“It’s just so awkward” Jim Cornette began on the Drive Thru podcast. “I like Shane so much, I feel bad for him. They’re [WWE] doing everything that plays to his weaknesses instead of his strengths.”

Cornette would elaborate further, saying how Shane’s mic skills as an ‘announcer’ for RAW Underground are lacking. “And this announcing and or verbal refereeing? Getting in between people? [These] are the two things that Shane are the weakest at and that’s what they’re having him do anyway.”

Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon

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