Jim Ross: All Elite Wrestling Will Be Big – If They Secure A TV Deal

Jim Ross
Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has provided some new commentary on All Elite Wrestling. Ross, who has been involved in the early stages of the upstart promotion, calls it a “feast or famine” proposition whose success is predicated on securing a meaningful television deal.

On the latest Jim Ross Report podcast, Good ‘ol JR addressed the recent development that All Elite Wrestling trademarks have been filed by the Khan family.

“I certainly want to address the trademark issues filed by the Kahn family,” Ross said.
“If this thing happens, it’s going to be one of two things, in my opinion. It’s either going to never happen, because a television deal could not be acquired, or the television deal is going to be finalized, and it’s going to be big,” Ross said.

It’s All About The Two T’s: Television And Talent

Later in the show, while interviewing Dave Meltzer, Ross again addressed the possibility of an All Elite Wrestling promotion.

“Two things you have to have to start a wrestling promotion: television, and talent. In that order,” Ross said.

“If you don’t have viable television, I’m not talking about Pop TV, I’m talking about a real television outlet, a major cable entity that everybody has access to, you damn sure don’t need any talent.”

“This company, if it ever happens, it’s an idea right now. If they don’t get TV, there is no company.”

Jim Ross’s Involvement With All Elite Wrestling

Ross also addressed his potential involvement with All Elite Wrestling.

“I’ve been rumored to be in every role with this company. It’s just eye-rolling. At one point it’s Jericho and me, which I thought was really stupid. Me and Jericho are going to spend all the money we’ve made over the years to get in the wrestling business? Are you crazy? Are you nuts?”

(To be clear: Our exclusive report said nothing about Jim Ross or Chris Jericho’s involvement being financial.)

Ross continued, “And then we’re not involved at all, it’s these other guys that are really the movers and shakers. There ain’t nothing to move here, folks. There ain’t nothing to shake.”

It’s worth noting that Ross never went so far as to deny his potential involvement with the proposed company, despite all of his bluster. He only stated that the company may not get off the ground.

The full episode of The Jim Ross Report can be heard below.

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