Jim Ross And ODB Cooking Show In Development

Jim Ross will be teaming with ODB on a new cooking show.

Jim Ross ODB Cooking Show

As we reported previously, a Jim Ross cooking show is in the works.

On last week’s Jim Ross Report, JR revealed more details about the show, including the wrestling personality that he is paired with in the early stages of the venture.

Are you ready for Jim Ross and ODB?

“I had a business meeting a couple of weeks ago with Jessie Kresa, ODB. She’s got her food truck, and her whiskey sauce, all these great things. She’s a very ambitious entrepreneur,” Ross said.

“I thought she would be a good topic to talk about doing a reality show around. So I pitched that idea to my super-agent Barry Bloom,” continued Ross. “Barry pitched the idea, showed some digital stuff of ODB doing her thing.”

From there, Ross says, his super-agent went into business for him.

“For whatever reason, he showed the people some tape of me, I have no idea what it was or why, but they want both of us on this cooking show.”

Ross is clear to point out that the likelihood of this ever reaching television is, as he put it, “iffy.”

Still, JR added some details on the plot of the proposed Jim Ross and ODB show.

“If we do a pilot and it makes the cut, it’ll be around ODB’s food truck, and she and I cooking. We just have to map it out, then shoot the pilot, and see where it takes us,” said Ross.

“I can only imagine that interaction, that dichotomy, of two alpha males, so to speak.”

As to a potential timeline for the proposed cooking show, details are sketchy, says Ross.

“It may be something in 2019, it could be next year.”

“But there’s interest in that kind of an offbeat show.”

Would you watch a Jim Ross and ODB cooking show?