Jim Ross Calls WWE Treatment Of Rey Mysterio “Embarrassing” On Jericho Cruise (Video)

Jim Ross
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

WWE is said to have attempted to stop Rey Mysterio from appearing on the Chris Jericho Rock N Rager at Sea. The ongoing cruise docks back into Miami tomorrow. Mysterio has been a guest on the cruise but has not competed or performed. After the cruise, Mysterio will head to Saudi Arabia to perform at Crown Jewel with WWE.

“Chris is here bringing brands together, that stuff that’s going on is embarrassing…somebody along the way is going to create another company and they won’t have to worry about that bullsh**,” Ross said on the cruise.

The following video from a Q&A session on the cruise features Jim Ross calling WWE’s attempt to stop Mysterio from going on the cruise as “embarrassing.”

Jim Ross on WWE Trying To Prevent Rey Mysterio From Appearing On Chris Jericho’s Rock N Rager At Sea

Jim Ross is no stranger to mistreatment from the WWE. He’s been fired from the company 3x already after all. Ross has made no secret of the fact that he believes members of the Elite will not be at the Madison Square Garden show in April and that things in 2019 could get interesting.

“As I said early on, the card for the Ring of Honor Madison Square Garden Show, with New Japan, will probably look entirely different then, compared to what one would assume it look like if it was booked today,” Ross said on his podcast two weeks ago. “I think there’s gonna be a lot of movement with some of the biggest stars in the game.”