Jim Ross Comments On AEW Speculation, Meeting Tony Khan, more…

Jim Ross on AEW

Jim Ross’s name has been linked to AEW from the outset, with speculation running wild on what, if any, his involvement will be with the new wrestling company.

Ross took to his podcast this week to discuss that speculation, and also gave his thoughts on what AEW’s success could look like.

Ross stopped short of denying potentially working with AEW, and instead chose to play the never say never card.

“My name’s been bandied around because people know my contract with WWE’s going to end in March,” Ross said. “So what? I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am not really concerned about it. I’m more concerned about celebrating my 67th birthday this week.”

“I am going to be doing this podcast, I might be doing more. Who knows what the future holds?”

Jim Ross Discusses AEW President Tony Kahn

JR also spoke on his relationship with Tony Kahn, the president of AEW, talking about their first meeting.

“I met him before this idea was ever hatched. (NFL Reporter, former wrestling reporter) Alex Marvez introduced me to Tony the first weekend doubleheader in Long Beach with New Japan (July 2017),” Ross said.

“We met and hung out, had a few beers, and talked about guy stuff. Basically wrestling. That’s my relationship with Tony. I saw him at All In, passed him in the hallway.”

Ross also gave his take on Kahn’s mind for the wrestling business.

“He’s a great kid. He’s very very smart, very introspective, very analytical. Very guarded, and very prepared data-wise. He’s a huge fan,” Ross said.

“And he has a unique instinct and perspective on wrestling.”

Jim Ross On AEW’s TV Deal

“I believe the company has a good chance of working if it gets a good solid television clearance,” said Ross, echoing a statement he made previously.

JR then went a step further, speculating that a television deal may be a foregone conclusion.

“I will say this. I don’t think they would roll out all this information, and different administration pieces, like Cody Rhodes being executive vice president, without having everything almost in place.”

And what might that mean?

“Everything almost in place, to me, means they are very close, if they are not already in theory, or a handshake, or something more official than not, already with television in hand,” said Ross.

Ross also stated that he believes that the deal will be significant.

“I would think that television, to make this work, to maximize the investment, it’s got to be on weekly. If it’s going to be on weekly, it’s got to be on in prime time weekly.”

Jim Ross On AEW Competing With WWE

JR also attempted to dispel the notion that anything short of becoming the top wrestling company in the world would be a failure for AEW.

“I don’t see that this new company is even going to attempt to beat WWE, or knock WWE off the top of the ladder. It’s not going to happen,” Ross said.

“That’s not a negative. We live in a society where it’s all or nothing. The idea that if you can’t beat WWE you’re not a very good company. Really? Where did you get that brilliant idea, Einstein?”

Ultimately, Ross sees AEW as nothing but a positive.

“It’s good for the business,” said Ross.

“And I’m all about being good for the business.”

You can hear Ross’s full comments below.

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