Jim Ross Convinced Seth Rollins Could Be The Face Of WWE

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins (via Instagram @WWE)

Jim Ross has made headlines recently with his thoughts on WWE’s creative team, and the perception that the Raw brand is without a top babyface. On a recent episode of the Jim Ross Report podcast, JR says that if given the chance, Seth Rollins could very well be the breakout babyface that the company desperately needs.

However, Ross is quick to point out that no matter how good his work is, Rollins will need the full weight of a push to solidify him.

“Rollins is really good. He’s better than really good. He’s great. Seth Rollins is a great wrestler,” Ross said. “Rollins could be ‘The Guy’ there. But it’s going to take a combined effort, including by him.”

“When the company makes a firm commitment to get behind him at every turn in the road, so they’ve got their next Cena on site, then we’ll see Seth continue to go up the ladder and finally reside in that promised land of legitimate, Wrestlemania-level, year-in, year-out main eventers.”

Jim Ross On Seth Rollins’s Push

Ross adds that he does not see the WWE currently pushing Rollins to that level.

“I can tell you, there’s fundamental issues with their lack of judgment or continuity,” Ross said. “I don’t feel the commitment that Rollins is our next guy.”

Ross goes on to speculate as to why that might be. “Are they just waiting for Roman Reigns to come back after he’s kicked leukemia’s ass? Are they just waiting for Braun Strowman to get back in the picture?”

Regardless of the thought process, Ross believes that Rollins deserves the chance to prove himself. “I think the thing to do is to give this guy the chance to be The Guy.”

Do you agree with JR? Could Seth Rollins be The Guy?

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