Jim Ross Cooking Show In The Works

Jim Ross
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

As WWE is set to release a new cookbook, Jim Ross has announced he is in the early stages of putting together a Jim Ross cooking show.

“I’m a foodie kind of a guy,” Ross said on Wednesday’s Jim Ross Report. “I’ve written a couple of cookbooks with the help of my late wife and others.”

“My management team has found a company that does reality television that’s interested in a cooking show.”

As to the details of what the pilot might look like, Ross made it clear that it is too early in the project to say.

“We’re in the strategizing form,” said Ross.

“We’re looking at kind of putting together a little teaser, or a video clip of what we’re looking at doing. It looks like a pilot’s going to be shot, I just don’t have all the details for it yet.”

Ross did reveal that he would not be the only celebrity involved in the show.

“It would be myself and a well-known person from within the world of wrestling,” Ross said. “It’ll be a funny cooking show and a lot of grilling.”

JR also made it clear that just because a pilot could be shot, it does not mean this show will ever see the light of day.

“You never know. These pilots come and go,” Ross said.

However, the WWE Hall of Famer is excited to, as he would put it, have some skin in the game, and remains optimistic about the cooking show’s prospects.

“If they like it, and somebody picks it up, all of a sudden we’re in business,” said Ross.

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