Jim Ross – “Curt Hennig Had The Potential To Be One of The Best Color Analysts Ever”

The former WWE commentator talks the potential of one of the greats in the commentary booth

WWE Hall of Famer, co-host of Grilling Jr and AEW Commentator Jim Ross recently discussed fellow Hall of Famer and WWE legend Curt ‘Mr Perfect’ Hennig.

This week’s episode of Grilling Jr centered on the King of The Ring 2000 PPV; with JR answering questions surrounding the then WWF at the time. One of the questions posed to JR was on Hennig and his potential to be a top-tier color commentator in the company.

Jim Ross on Curt Hennig

“Curt was a very well respected guy. We were inducted into Hall of Fame the same time in 2007” Jim Ross began. “I thought he had the upside and potential to be one of the best color analysts ever in pro wrestling. He had a wonderful sense of humor, great comedic and timing in general” JR continued. “Wonderful product knowledge and a second generation guy under Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig.”

Jim Ross then discussed how Curt’s inability to get past wanting to work in-ring hindered his progression in the commentary booth. “But he was like a lot of guys, he couldn’t get that last match out of his system.And so the issue was that he was more motivated to wrestle than he was to broadcast.”

“I’m sure there was a difference in money, I get that too” JR continued. “But the other major factor with Curt? He had been banged up. He had some back issues or something if I recall correctly.”

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Jim Ross
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