Jim Ross: Kurt Angle Deserves A WrestleMania Moment

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle

If Jim Ross had a say, Kurt Angle’s last match would be a memorable WrestleMania moment.

On this week’s Jim Ross Report podcast, JR says that Angle’s legacy is deserving of a featured presentation on WWE’s biggest stage. “I believe in my heart that Kurt Angle needs to go out as a hero, as a superstar, as a Hall of Famer,” says Ross. “He should have his moment at WrestleMania.”

On the surface, you could take that to mean that Ross is advocating for Kurt to win his retirement match. Not so, says Ross. Rather, he says that a good match is more important than the outcome.

“That means he should have his moment, with the right opponent, that Kurt Angle can go out and have as good a match as he possibly can at this stage of his career,” Ross says.
“He deserves it.”

Kurt Angle’s WrestleMania Moment

As to potential opponents for Angle, JR believes that the gold medalist deserves to face a top star.

“There’s a lot of guys that are big time stars that don’t have matches,” says Ross. “I don’t know who Samoa Joe is going to wrestle, I don’t know who Roman Reigns is going to wrestle I don’t know who John Cena is going to wrestle.”

No matter who Angle faces, Ross is just hoping that Kurt gets the sendoff he thinks he has earned.

“Kurt Angle’s legacy should not be taken for granted.”

Do you think Angle will get a WrestleMania moment?