Jim Ross Announces He Is Leaving WWE

Jim Ross
Jim Ross

Jim Ross has confirmed he is leaving WWE when his contract expires later this month.

The Hall Of Fame announcer addressed the situation on this week’s Jim Ross Report podcast. After recent discussions with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, both parties decided they’d be best off going their separate ways.

“After talking a couple of weeks ago with Vince McMahon, we have mutually agreed that I need to move on,” said Ross.

JR says that he still wants to call wrestling, but that either McMahon, or those close to him, do not share that view.

“I still want to play the game, I still want to stay busy, I still think I can do play-by-play, even though others that surround Vince may think I can’t,” Ross said. “I don’t know.”

Ross leaves with no hard feelings, he says.

“I will not be returning to WWE after the 29th of March. I’m leaving with great thoughts, very positive,” said Ross.

“I made a lot of money. Vince was amazing to Jan and myself. He set us up for life, financially, for which I can never repay him.”

JR makes it clear, though, that he is not retiring. In fact, the opposite seems to be the case, as Ross reiterated his desire to call wrestling matches.

“I’m 67. I still feel like I can get the job done doing wrestling play-by-play. So I want to explore that opportunity and that possibility,” Ross said.

Ross admits that though he has his critics within WWE, he does not regret working there, or leave with any animosity.

“I have no regrets. The smartest thing I ever did was come to work for Vince McMahon in 1993,” Ross said.

So, what’s next for JR?

Ross says that his upcoming podcast with Conrad Thompson “looks to be a go”, and leaves the door open to pursuing other opportunities in wrestling.

“We’ll see where the next step takes us… I don’t think I’ll be out of work long.”