Jim Ross On If Shawn Michaels’ Return Would Be A One Off Thing

Jim Ross
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

Shawn Michaels’ return is one of the most discussed topics related to the Crown Jewel PPV, and there are lots of rumors about him wrestling more matches in the future after the upcoming show.

During the latest episode of his Jim Ross Report podcast, WWE Legend Jim Ross talked about many things including his payday during the last Saudi Arabian trip and more.

While discussing Michaels’ in-ring return, Ross said that he thinks Shawn has got plenty of matches left in him, that is if he is booked wisely.

Continuing on the topic, Jim said that this will happen if the former World Champion can go out there and maintain the level of performance he is comfortable with, while also claiming that he won’t be comfortable with mediocrity.

Finally, JR claimed that Shawn has got a lot left in the tank if the vehicle is driven correctly, explaining that he could see him having a significant WrestleMania moment if he is booked smartly and strategically.

Jim Ross also talked about the argument about the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV saying that he has heard both sides of the argument and there is no right answer to it.

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