Jim Ross On Ratings, AEW’s Locker Room Leaders, Young Talent

All Elite Wrestling commentator Jim Ross has shared his thoughts on the ratings war, claiming they are "irrelevant" to him.

Jim Ross
AEW announcer Jim Ross

All Elite Wrestling commentator Jim Ross has shared his thoughts about obsessing over ratings. He claimed how they are “irrelevant” to him. He also discussed locker room leaders in AEW and Darby Allin’s potential. Addressing the ratings war, Ross was clear with his opinions: “I don’t care what the ratings do.”

“Look, we have to be realistic about things. The more that AEW devotes more time than they devote on WWE and what they’re doing, we’re wasting time on our own product. If we’re thinking about them, we ain’t thinking about us,” he told WrestleZone in an interview.

He continued, “I don’t care what the ratings do. It’s irrelevant to me what the ratings do—that’s a good sound byte. I don’t care about it because all we can do is work our ass off and provide a great product or as best as we are being produced to do, that’s what we have to worry about, not the other stuff. So I believe if we spend all our time working on how to get us better and improve our team and not worry about anybody else’s team because we can’t change or affect it. Too many of us worry about things that we have absolutely no control over.”

Jim Ross On Locker Room Leaders

The AEW roster is filled with a mixture of younger talent and industry veterans. This provides plenty of opportunities for people to learn from established names.

“I think we have a healthy locker room being built. There’s leaders there,” Ross stated. “There’s young guys that want to be led, want to be taught, coached up, and you’ve got veterans on your squad. We have several. We live by our champion, Chris Jericho.”

“How do you not respect and follow the lead of a Chris Jericho who’s reinvented himself over and over again—always for the better, always leading to more success at a high-level? So if you’re a young guy and you’re wanting to talk about being a wrestling villain or fan-favorite or whatever it may be, Chris Jericho’s a great source of information with that.”

Potential Stars & Long-Term Booking

When it comes to using that talent in AEW storylines, Ross explained how he isn’t a fan of “50/50 booking. Although he concedes that technology and social media can be great tools for wrestlers to connect with fans, he noted how “It’s a sad thing because that’s how you invest emotionally in the characters and that’s how they become big stars and part of that is how they’re booked. You can’t book somebody 50/50. They win one week, they lose the next, that’s silly. Nobody merits from that and the way you get talent over is you get guys on a roll.”

With a plethora of younger talent to cultivate and develop for these opportunities, Jim Ross is familiar with spotting talent with potential to develop.

One of those young talents he believes in his Darby Allin. To him, Allin has a great future ahead of him. He noted how Allin reminds him of a young Jeff Hardy. Another is Jungle Boy. Ross described him as having an “unlimited upside” before comparing him to a young Kevin Von Erich.

Alongside these two is Inner Circle member, Sammy Guevara, who Ross claimed is a “little Eddie Guerrero-ish. Great personality, never going to beat anybody with his size, he’s gonna beat him with his technique, his skill set and his speed and so forth.”

H/T to WrestleZone for the transcriptions.

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