Jim Ross Report: JR Talks To Marty Scurll, Comments On Jose Lothario’s Passing

Marty Scurll Jim Ross
Marty Scurll Jim Ross

In a nearly 150 minute episode, Jim Ross covered a wide range of subjects and spoke with two high profile guests on this week’s Jim Ross Report.

JR On Jose Lothario’s Passing

Ross opened his show with some heartfelt words on the life of the late Jose Lothario.

Ross and Lothario went way back, to JR’s time working for Bill Watts in Mid South Wrestling, where Lothario used his pull to get a young Shawn Michaels a job.

“Bill got a call from Jose saying he had trained this kid, Shawn Michaels, and that he wanted Bill to give this kid a shot, give him a break, and hire him.”

Certainly similar requests must have been made of bookers all the time in the territory days, but Ross said that Lothario’s word carried weight with Watts.

“Bill had never seen Shawn. He didn’t have 8x10s, he didn’t have any video tape. Shawn was a rookie. Bill hired him sight unseen, strictly on the word of Jose Lothario. That’s how trusted and respected this man was throughout his career,” Ross said.

“It was a blessing for me to even know him… The consummate pro. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jose’s family and friends.”

“Jose, we will miss you. But it’s been a pleasure knowing you. Until we meet again.”

Marty Scurll

Ross interviews Marty Scurll as well on The Jim Ross Report, and Scurll discusses the reason he got interested in the wrestling business as a kid.

“I think a big thing growing up was that my parents separated at a very early age. It was my mother that brought me up, it was my auntie, it was my grandmother,” Scurll said. “And then when I went to school, it was female teachers, so I didn’t really have many male role models around me.”

“I think when I turned on the TV and I saw your Hogans, and your Bret Harts, it was someone I could look up to and sort of be a male influence in my life.”

Busted Open

Ross also talks to David LaGreca on this episode. LaGreca hosts Busted Open Radio, which can be heard on SiriusXM.

Ross and LaGreca discuss the upcoming ROH and New Japan show at Madison Square Garden, their broadcast careers, and Busted Open celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Ross also discusses Survivor Series, Crown Jewel fallout, a potential finish for Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch, and much more.

The full episode can be heard below.

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