Jim Ross Reveals When AEW TV Will Debut

Jim Ross recently revealed when AEW TV is expected to debut.

Jim Ross AEW
Jim Ross joins All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

Jim Ross recently stated on a radio interview that AEW TV will begin airing in October. When it does, JR says, it’ll be on a major network which everyone will know how to find.

“[AEW] is overwhelming for me,” J.R said on WFAN Radio. “To be 67 years old and be anointed the voice of a brand that’s gonna be debuting in October on national television on a major cable network, which can’t be named now. When people hear what network we’re going on, they’re gonna be doubly excited. It’s a network we can all find.”

Ross recently spoke on his podcast about why he chose to sign with AEW.

Jim Ross On Signing With AEW

“At some point in your life, you will understand that you are on that back nine,” said Ross on his podcast last week. “And you’ve done more things in your life, to date, than you have the time left to do more tomorrow.”

Ross would continue to say that since his wife died 2-years ago, he prefers to keep busy.

“And our tomorrows are never guaranteed, right? My point is, I just needed to be involved. I needed to be on the team, I want to play. I want to contribute.”