Jim Ross Says There Are Too Many Dives In Wrestling Matches

Jim Ross on Dives in Wrestling
Jim Ross on Dives in Wrestling

On the latest edition of The Jim Ross Report, JR takes issue with the overuse of dives in wrestling matches today.

“One thing that is on my mind is the overuse of a variety of dives,” Ross said. “Now before you think ‘there he goes again, that old bastard, he just hates those acrobatics’, no, I don’t. Not at all.”

Ross went on to clarify his statement.

“Here’s my issue. It’s not the dives. It’s the overuse of the dives. Especially this past weekend, it just seemed to be enough is enough.’ The more they’re used, the less they mean.”

Ross further elaborated, with his key thought being that dives are used as spots and transition moves in matches, rather than being used to set up finishing moves.

“I’m not against dives. But they’re high-risk, low-reward. A dive rarely leads to a finish,” Ross said. “So, I guess the guys who are doing all the diving aren’t good enough at their diving to beat somebody with it.”

“I just think the overuse of it is making it hard to get that ‘holy shit’ moment, ‘this is awesome’, all that stuff.”

To hear JR’s full comments on dives, including Seth Rollins using them too often, you can listen to the full episode of The Jim Ross Report below.

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Do you agree with JR? Are there too many dives in wrestling?