Jim Ross Says There Are Too Many Turns In WWE

Jim Ross
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

On The Jim Ross Report, JR says that too many turns in WWE are contributing to Raw’s sagging viewership.

With Raw viewership reaching a historic low this week, there are many theories in and around the wrestling business about what is ailing WWE’s flagship show.

Now, JR has weighed in with his take.

“The last two or three weeks, the feedback I’m getting on Raw has not been overwhelmingly positive,” Ross said. “Let me try to explain what I think’s going on here.”

Ross points to a lack of continuity, and frequent turns among some of the company’s top stars as a reason for the recent woes.

Too Many Turns In WWE

“To enjoy any fictional entity, you need to have an emotional investment in the characters,” Ross explained. “You have to know who the characters are, what their roles are, and why you should either like or dislike them.”

JR believes that a lack of definition of roles for some key players is causing confusion.

“In the last few weeks, we have seen Bobby Lashley, Elias, Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, Carmella, Charlotte, Daniel Bryan, The Big Show, and Dean Ambrose, change their persona,” Ross said.

“It’s confusing. So if you’re a casual fan, and you only watch once or twice a month, there’s a good chance you’re completely lost…”

“All those turns are starting to have a negative effect on the viewer. It lessens the emotional attachment to all those talents I mentioned.”

Creative Or Show Length?

In addition to the creative challenges that WWE is facing, Ross also believes that the length of the show is having a negative impact as well.

“Every entity needs casual viewers. You expect to get the diehards. My concern is that sometimes you look at that diehard list, and it’s starting to shrink a little bit.”

“That three-hour show is not easy to navigate,” Ross said. “The third hour, and the turning from babyface to heel and back again, it’s challenging. Continuity is needed. Creative continuity is a big thing.”

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