Jim Ross Says WWE ‘Hit The Reset Button’ At WrestleMania

Jim Ross said on his latest podcast that WWE has hit the reset button.

Jim Ross
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

WrestleMania 35 saw a slew of new champions crowned in WWE.

As Jim Ross sees it, the booking of the show says that the WWE front office has not been pleased with their product.

On The Jim Ross Report, JR explains that with so many new champions, WWE has essentially done a reboot.

Jim Ross On WWE Hitting The “Reset Button”

“They decided to hit the reset button at WrestleMania,” says Ross.

“You don’t crown seven new champions without being displeased with their predecessors.”

Ross says that if the WWE decision-makers had been happy with the direction of the product, they would not have gone so far in making wholesale changes.

“You don’t have massive changes in your booking, unless there was some disillusionment,” Ross says. “So now they’ve hit the reset button across the board.”

WrestleMania saw a new Universal Champion crowned, a new Cruiserweight Champion, new Raw Tag Team Champions, a new Intercontinental Champion, new Women’s Tag Team Champions, and a new Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Now that the changes have been made, Ross says that it is up to the new champions to deliver in the ring.

“Everything’s new. Everybody’s got a chance to create their own legacies and stardom,” Ross says.

“They’re going to get the ball. Now it’s dependent upon them.”