Jim Ross: The Revival Can Resurrect Tag Team Wrestling In WWE

This week on the Jim Ross Report, JR gave his thoughts on the Revival winning the RAW tag-team championships.

Jim Ross
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

Add Good Ol’ JR to the list of those congratulating The Revival on becoming Raw Tag Team Champions this week. On The Jim Ross Report, he praised the duo of Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder as potential saviors for what has been a long overlooked division in WWE.

“I was happy to see The Revival get a little bit of recognition, get their hands up, become the new tag team champions there on Raw.”

“These two cats got a chance to resurrect tag team wrestling in WWE,” Ross said.

Ross went on to draw parallels between what Ronda Rousey has done for women’s wrestling, and what he believes The Revival is capable of.

“I believe that as Ronda Rousey raised the awareness, along with her teammates… I think the same things can be done for tag team wrestling in WWE.”

“You can make it topical, you can make it timely, you create some stars.”

Jim Ross on Creating Stars

Creating stars is much easier said than done, but many would say that WWE creative has done little to help in that regard. To that end, Ross offers a hint on how to get The Revival’s stardom rising.

“And the way you create stars is they win much more than they lose,” Ross said.

After trading wins with the Lucha House Party for several months, The Revival reportedly asked for their release from WWE. Now they hold championships in the company, perhaps signaling an end to their seesaw booking.

“And there ain’t no 50/50 booking,” Ross continued. “That don’t get nobody over.”

You can hear JR’s full comments, as well as his take on the rest of the WWE news of the week, on The Jim Ross Report. The full episode is below.

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