Jim Ross: ‘Very Reliable’ People Told Him WWE Is Buying TNA’s Video Library

On the latest episode of “The Ross Report,” Jim Ross’s podcast, he dropped the following rumor on the TNA sale situation:

WWE is allegedly very close to buying the TNA library. Not the promotion, the TNA library. Obviously, with WWE Network, the TNA library could be a nice resource, a nice asset. Now, you know, TNA does have some talents I’m sure WWE would like to have down the road, but now I hear that WWE and TNA have had talks about buying the library and that a deal is imminent.

Ross stressed that this was a “rumor” that had “not been verified” from people who are “normally very, very reliable.” Besides his general connections in wrestling, both on the talent and front office side, at one point, Ross was the point man for WWE’s acquisition of video libraries. If anyone outside the company would be well sourced on those acquisitions, it would make sense that it would be Ross.

Of course, it does need to be pointed out that Dixie Carter said during a TNA talent meeting on Monday that while there had been talks with WWE about selling the library, she would not let a sale happen, so to speak. Being that she is still the majority owner, it’s unclear why said conversation would happen if Carter wouldn’t consider making a deal.

Analysis: Of course, we need to take Ross’s caveats into account here. With regards to what Carter said, the only possible explanation that would allow us to take her at face value is if the she talked to WWE but balked when she realized they wouldn’t keep TNA going. Being that reportedly, WWE has been out and then back in at various points, that may not track.

As for the specific rumor that Ross forwarded and how that fits in, it’s not the worst idea if Billy Corgan is looking to start fresh with a new name, image, etc. The back catalog won’t fit into that for the most part, and TNA can’t monetize it well anymore, so maybe selling the library to fund the sale/erase much of the debt.

Update: Reporter Justin LaBar says Billy Corgan will be taking over as the company’s new majority owner and will probably rebrand, finally putting the letters “TNA” to rest.