Jim Ross: WWE Has A Babyface Problem

Jim Ross
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

Jim Ross says that WWE has a babyface problem.

Ratings fell on Monday, and Smackdown nearly equaled Raw’s viewership this week. A growing sentiment among wrestling pundits is that WWE has become too heavy on heels.

That idea was propped up by an episode of Raw this week that featured Alexa Bliss installed as a new heel authority figure, and current heel authority figure Baron Corbin both opening and closing the show, in lengthy segments.

Jim Ross expressed a similar view on The Jim Ross Report this week.

“I think that the company has been made famous for building fan favorites. The ‘babyface.’ Over the years, some of the biggest stars on the babyface side of the roster, have been products of WWE,” Ross said. “It seems like that’s not the focus right now.”

Ross clarified that his opinions do not always equate with the facts, but that currently, that’s what he sees.

“Maybe it is [the focus]. I’m going by what I see on television. That’s the extent of my interaction with this company.”

“I watch the product religiously, and those are my observations. They’re not tainted, they’re not influenced, they’re just what I see, and what I feel,” Ross said.

“The fan favorite machine, the babyface machine, needs to get back into business.”

The full episode of The Jim Ross Report can be found below. When referencing this transcript, please credit SEScoops.com. This transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Do you agree with JR? Is Raw too heel-heavy?